• High Falls Civic Assoc.

Won't you please S.O.A.R?

I am grateful to live where I do for many reasons not the least of which is the genuine sense of community that is part of the fabric of daily living. As we all do our part to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic by following social distancing guidelines, we are also cognizant of the drastic impact these necessary guidelines are having on our community businesses and in particular our area restaurants. The HFCA invites you to S.O.A.R : Support Our Area Restaurants in the face of this unprecedented crisis.

Restaurateurs everywhere are desperate for patrons. According to the National Restaurant Association, since March 1, 2020, the industry has lost more than 3 million jobs and $25 billion in sales, and roughly 50% of restaurant operators anticipate having to lay off more people this month. It is a paradox; we must maintain social distancing as a means of slowing the spread of this horrific pandemic and, by doing so, our community restaurants are suffering financially. But, we can help.

■ Our area restaurants are not only open for business, they request that you to continue your generous patronage now more than ever. During this crisis, the restaurants are not permitted to host you for a relaxed, seated meal, But they are offering take-out, curbside pickup and delivery. A look at the menus and other information on restaurant websites quickly alerts you to the unique ways these businesses are offering to serve you. Why not call today and treat yourself and your family to a fantastic meal from one of our community restaurants. It will be much appreciated.

■ Invite a friend or family member that you are separated from due to Covid-19 to a virtual lunch or dinner. Order meals for you and your friend. Have the meals delivered or you each pick up your own. Then, enjoy the delicious meal in your own homes while video chatting or talking over the telephone with your friend or family member. It will be a nice gesture….but, more importantly, you are supporting our community restaurants.

■ Order a meal for those members of our community that are continuing to work during the pandemic to protect and serve our community. For example, call a community restaurant and prepay for $50 or $100 worth of food. Then, call or email your community police department, fire department or emergency medical technicians and alert them that you have treated them to a meal to thank them for their service.

■ Do you know someone celebrating a birthday or anniversary or other milestone during this pandemic? Why not order them a cake or other celebratory dessert from a community restaurant. It’s a great way to celebrate your friend or family member while supporting your community restaurant.

■ When you order from one of our community restaurants, why not tip the same amount that you would have if served a seated meal in the restaurant. It’s a subtle way to generously support the restaurant.

We will all get through this together. Won't you please S.O.A.R? By doing so, you help ensure that we will be celebrating the defeat of Covid-19 with fantastic meals IN our terrific area restaurants with our restaurateur friends!