• High Falls Civic Assoc.

Let's Have A Big Round Of Applause For......

Generosity consists not of the sum given, but in the manner in which it is bestowed.” These words, spoken with true charitable intent by Mahatma Gandhi over eight decades ago, were exemplified this week through the benevolence of several popular, area businesses.

As we are all aware, the Covid19 pandemic is undoubtedly a threat to our own health and that of our friends and neighbors. It is most certainly having a detrimental impact on area children some of whom are without the benefit of a nutritious lunch due to school closures and may have less to eat at home as a result of increased financial pressures within their families and decreased inventory at area markets indirectly caused by the danger and vigilance associated with the spread of virus.

However, despite the financial losses to their own businesses in these uniquely challenging times, Kitchenette (High Falls), Benny’s Pizzeria (Stone Ridge), Lydia’s Café (Stone Ridge), Cherries (Stone Ridge), Stone House Tavern (Accord), High Falls Cafe (High Falls) and High Falls Food Coop (High Falls) are each offering their own form of charitable lunches for area children in need. These business' owners are selflessly placing their neighbors' needs above the imminent financial needs of their businesses.

Please join with The High Falls Civic Association in applauding and supporting these businesses for their continued generosity to our community and for the manner in which it is bestowed. You are examples to us all. Thank you.